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The Sun in the East

edited by Richard Barnes

This collection was compiled by Richard between autumn 1982 and early summer 1983. Below is a list of written pieces, which have been illustrated with pictures from the book. The rest of the pictures from site will (eventually all) be found on their related page.


EAAT Activities (p 10)
Barsham - the Once and Future Faire (p 16-17)
Incubus (p 22-23)
Return to Bungay Fair (p 26-27)
A Tale of Bungay May Fair (p 31)
View from the Ground (p 68-71)
A Wink and a Bit o' French (p 80-81)
A Musician Talks (p89 - 90)
Vikings and Others (p97-98)
A Letter from Desmond Fairybreath (p 118-119)
Bruce Lacey - an Interview (p126-129)
The Time, the Place and the People (p 134)

`THE SUN IN THE EAST - Norfolk & Suffolk Fairs' is to the people who were and will be there, and for others who may not even know where East Anglia is. The Sun in the East is the brightness of a string of Fairs rising from the flat East for over a decade of Summers, rays of lightness in a troubled time for the old island of Britain, known to some as Albion.


A group of friends put on the first Fair in 1972 and in doing so became the East Anglian Arts Trust. E.A.A.T. was responsible for every Fair until `77/78 when the Albion Fairs (roughly the same people) began. Albion has worked closely with local groups:

Fairs at
Ladders Hill, Lyng - Norfolk & Norwich Arts (N.A.N.A.)
Rougham, Suffolk - Green Deserts, a registered charity working towards the re-afforestation of desert regions.
East Bergholt - Old Hall, Stour Valley Collective.

The Follye Fayres at Heveningham have been put on independently and the Green Fairs at Blythburgh and Bungay are the work of the gradually resurrected E.A.A.T.

All the Fairs have had the help and co-operation of local people. In particular, credit and thanks to the villagers of Barsham and Rougham. It is a very big group of friends now.

The Sun in the East - front cover

The Sun in the East - back cover

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